1 Thessalonians – Part 7: Life in the Church

This week, we will conclude our study of the book of 1 Thessalonians.

There is the tendency in Paul’s letters to commend his audience first, address any specific questions they might have had for him, and then offer practical application for them. In the last part of Ch 5, this is what Paul does for the church at Thessalonica.

Paul’s instruction focuses on three essential aspects of church life –
1. It’s leadership: how should we treat and respond to our Leaders?
2. It’s fellowship: how should we treat and respond to each other?
3. It’s worship: how should we treat and respond to the Lord?

You are invited this Sunday the 24th of February from 6 p.m to hear this message and join in worship and study in God’s word as we dig into this book and find out more!