As unto the Lord….and the blessing will come!

Col 3:23 And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;

We so often make the simple things of Christianity into something they never were meant to become. For example, witnessing – in my early years as a new believer, I thought to be a “real witness” for Christ, I had to go out and do street witnessing, hand out tracts and try to engage strangers in a planned outing. Whilst each of these in of themselves are great, they are certainly NOT the total package defining what witnessing is.

In reality, witnessing is us living our everyday lives as Christians in such a way that people notice the difference in how we react, speak, assist, care, love and serve our Lord in everything we do. You shine the light of Christ in a dark world by living for Christ in it!

On a similar related matter, have you noticed now how rare it is to experience good manners, someone going the extra mile, a shop assistant, or any other employee, doing more than what is expected? But doesn’t it make an impact when someone does!

Sadly at times we are even short-changed in the basic level of service we are paying for or at least expecting.

This is not what the Bible teaches us as Christians as to how we should live and “witness” to a fallen world.

May you this week work or go about your business as Paul encourages us to, doing whatever tasks, work or service we are doing, paid or unpaid, as if we were personally serving our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you do this I guarantee you will shine like a lighthouse, people will be impacted and surprised because we live in a world that operates in a sphere of ‘doing the minimum required’ as the standard.

But there is a second in built blessing wrapped up in living this way. You will find within yourself a power surge of joy driven by the Holy Spirit within you, because there is always a blessing in doing the will of the Lord not only for those being served but also to the one serving –  when you do it with all your heart!

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