Calvary Chapel Secret Harbour

Sunday 10:00 am – Matthew 26 “The Greatest Battle!”
It’s the night of Jesus betrayal, His disciples will sleep whilst Jesus prays. Judas is on his way with the soldiers. Jesus crucifixion draws near! Matthew 26:36-46.

Sunday 6:00 pm Galatians: Gospel of Grace Part 7 – “THE LAW!”
In Galatians Ch 3 Paul has been arguing against the behaviour of the church there that emphasised the adherence to rules and regulations as a means of salvation and sanctification. All along, Paul has been emphatic that salvation is obtained by grace through faith, and not of works. All of which leads to the question of the significance of the law: what is the purpose of the law? This week in our ongoing series through the book of Galatians, we will address this. Join us tonight for this amazing study.

Wednesday 7:00pm- Calvary Prayer Night – “THE POWER OF THE EARLY CHURCH”
Before we pray, we will see what made the early church tick. In other words – powerful! Can the same happen here at CCSH? What is different now to back then? Join us for this look back at the amazing early church and its power.
Friday Junior Youth and Calvary Youth – here at the chapel

Diary notes –
Welcome to all those who are visiting with us today.
You are invited to join us for lunch directly after this morning’s service.
After the morning services freshly brewed 5 Senses Coffee is available for a gold coin donation. Its waiting brewed so you can pour it from our pumping containers without delay.
7th December – Calvary Women’s Conference – ladies put this day in your diaries! A sign-up is at the information desk today for catering purposes. Be sure to make it an event for you and invite a friend.
From the Pastor’s Desk
“….The church is to be a place where those who have received training in studying God’s Word are available to answer questions that men may have as they seek to teach and disciple the members of their home. Far too frequently it seems that is the women who are bringing questions to the pastors and church leaders instead. Men, this is your job. If your wife or children have a question, it is your responsibility to hunt it down and provide an answer for them. If your wife is referencing your pastor’s name more than yours during the week, you are not adequately satisfying your role as spiritual head in your home. You are your wife’s pastor..” This quote is from a book I am presently reading titled, “Kingdom Man” by Tony Evans. I have attempted to follow this very example here at CCSH since hearing it taught also at a Calvary Chapel Pastor’s Conference years ago by Pastor Jon Courson. I believe this is God’s plan for the leadership of His church and so encourage the men of CCSH to heed this excellent advice. May God help you be the man He desires you to be in your own home!
Grace Offering
CCSH gives you the opportunity for your grace offering to be dropped in the container at the left side of the sanctuary – CCSH Account number: 2490144 & BSB: 306089 for those who wish to give electronically. Proverbs 3:9 – Honor the LORD with your wealth and with the best part of everything you produce