God cares about each of us as individuals!

Pastor Israel announced that he will begin teaching from the book of Revelation in two weeks’ time. It’s one of my favourite books in the Bible!

In chapters 2-3, Jesus dictates to the Apostle John whilst he is a prisoner on the Isle of Patmos, in a vision, 7 letters to 7 churches.

In each of the letters we see beautifully that God cares about us as individuals! Remember Jesus died on the cross personally for you! These letters reveal to us that God knows us by name – Jesus says that too in John chapter 10. It shows that the Lord cares about each of us personally.

I invite you to look at the details in those letters. God named names. He described events.
He commended the churches for their successes, and He scolded them for their failures.

He gave them warm, loving, but confronting counsel. That alone gives me a tremendous sense of hope. He knows us as a mother knows her child. Jesus did not withdraw to some distant corner of the universe; He is present in the spirit of every believer. When we search God’s precious Word, when we stop to hear His voice, we will hear from heaven!

I pray that you each will hear God speak to you this week. That you will recognise His voice and heed what He says. He loves each of you and desires only the very best for you.