Love, Live, Fight – Ephesians Part 1: Chosen

You are invited to join with Calvary Chapel Secret Harbour this Sunday evening from 6.00 p.m. as we commence a new series called “Love, Live, Fight” from the New Testament book of Ephesians.

The book of Ephesians has been called by some as “the Queen of the Epistles,” and “the quintessence of Paulinism”. Like Romans, Ephesians was not written so much to address problems in a particular church; more so, it was written to explain some of the great themes and doctrines of Christianity. Paul essentially wrote Ephesians with one basic message in mind: because believers have new life through Christ, they ought to live a new life through the Spirit. In studying this series, we will learn of the great love of God towards us, the practical application of this in the lifestyle we live, and the reality of the spiritual fight that is at work against us.

Particularly, this week we will study Ephesians 1:1-14 considering how and why God chose us. In this passage, the intimate relationship and fellowship that God wants to have with his children is revealed. And, because we, as God’s children have his favour, approval, and are justified in Christ, we are to live holy and blameless lives that we may reach the lost.

See you on Sunday the 8th of April from 6 p.m. for worship and study in God’s word as we consider this important message and begin this new series.