Malachi: Healthy Relationships Part 2 – Honour

On several occasions, former US President Jimmy Carter spent the night in the homes of common Americans, picked at random.

Imagine, here in Australia, that if like former President Jimmy Carter, the Prime Minister and his wife had indicated their intention to visit your home. The big evening arrives. Crowds line the streets as the official vehicle pulls up in front of your house, escorted by police motorcycles, squad cars, and security agents. The Prime Minister and his wife emerge from the vehicle, wave to the crowds and news photographers, and walk to your front door.

You open the door wearing dirty jeans and a torn T-shirt and say, “Oh, hi! I’ve been working out in the garden.” As the Prime Minister steps into the cluttered living room, you say, “Sorry about the mess, but take a seat on the couch. Dinner’s almost ready. My wife’s heating the leftovers in the microwave right now. I hope you don’t mind paper plates.”

That’s absurd, isn’t it? Most would be amazed at the lack of honour demonstrated.

Similarly, our text in Malachi this week addresses the dishonour that the people of Israel displayed towards God. Ultimately, the passage points to the one who deserves honour and rightly demonstrates honour – Jesus Christ!

Join us this Sunday night the 5th of May, as we gather together from 6 p.m. to submit ourselves to the Word and the Spirit and worship God corporately. We will be continuing our study through the Old Testament book of Malachi.