Special Message Next Sunday 22nd March 2020

I want to invite you to join us next Sunday morning for a special message that God has laid upon my heart that relates especially to the world events we are all experiencing due to the Corona Virus.

I originally was going to be speaking on the topic of “Doubt” but after this morning I am moved to speak on matters that I believe we need to be aware of in the time in which we find ourselves.

Where have we read about world pestilence ? Of world hysteria over food supplies and rationing? What about tremendous rises and falls in wealth. Governments making decisions on a world scale that have never been made before?

The Book of Revelation details these events and more, on a greater scale still yet to be seen, but we have do we have a preview in these current Corona Virus days?

So, I invite you to be with us next Sunday morning as we lift the lid on the future events that perhaps we are seeing a preview of what is coming soon!

Until then, please take this time to be in the Word like never before, isolate yourself from infection but do not isolate yourself from the importance of prayer and drawing close to God in these the Last Days.

Remember, God is and always will be in control and on the throne – He still rules!