Spiritual Fathers in a day of orphaned young men

Men, I want to encourage you to join with me and other men of CCSH, this Wednesday evening as we take a heartfelt look at the role of men in the church.

We live at a time where many men are disconnected from the church they ‘faithfully’ attend.

Christian families are rudderless in many situations and lacking in godly leadership and wisdom. Decisions are being made ,based purely on worldly advice and wisdom, and the consequences are causing great hurt and harm in the Christian home.

Christian men, ‘spiritual fathers’ have gone missing!

This Wednesday we have a special study to look at why the church exists and what role men have in the modern church.

Starting 7:00 pm here at CCSH Wednesday evening.

Come and hear what God desires of you as the man of “God’s House”, and the family He has given each of you.