Sun morning message: Matt 8 – Fearing the Furious Storm

You are invited to join with Calvary Chapel Secret Harbour this Sunday morning from 10.00 a.m. as we continue our series from the New Testament book of Matthew. This week we will examine Matt 8:23-27.

A recent feature article by Peter Hannam appearing on news site WA Today asks the question in the headline: “Will This Be The Season Of The Super Cyclone?” The sub-heading poses further: “It’s cyclone season in Australia. A series of monster storms have devastated the northern hemisphere this year. Are we next?” What the answer to this question is, only time will tell, but as the cyclone season commences here in Australia until April 2019, one thing we can guarantee is that there will be storms!

Similarly, metaphorical storms of life are guaranteed – we each of us could testify of a veritable ‘storm’ of some sort that we have, or currently, find ourselves in. And like physical storms, life’s storms can be furious and can leave us filled with fear! In Matthew 8:23-27 that’s certainly what happens to the disciples of Jesus on the Sea of Galilee. They face what the NIV describes as a ‘furious storm’ and find themselves filled with fear.

Interestingly, the most frequent command in the Bible is “Do not be afraid.” In Matthew 8:18-34, we see Jesus miraculously demonstrating His power over the very things that fill us with fear. Jesus conquers our fears and enables us to boldly trust Him amid the storms of life.

Come along on Sunday morning the 18th of November from 10 a.m. for worship and study in God’s word as we dig into this book and find out more!