The life of prayer!

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing – 1 Thessalonians 5:16-16

It’s always time to pray!

Prayer is to a Christian like air to our lungs – we need it all the time. A praying Christian is a healthy Christian. Like cutting out air from our lives, if we don’t pray it leaves us lifeless and powerless in the things of God.

Paul teaches us to pray without ceasing! Not just when we get up in the morning or just before laying our head on our pillow at night. Instead, we need to set aside specific times to be alone with God, speaking to Him in prayer and then also listening to Him speak to us through His Word.

If you set aside special times for prayer, your unconscious mind will be immersed in God’s grace, love and with prayer all day long.

The overworked mother or any other busy person you may think this impossible. But even when we are busy, we can “pray without ceasing” in our hearts and minds. We can pray anywhere, any time – and God will hear us!

Today let prayer saturate your life “without ceasing!”