Wednesday night prayer and teaching – “Marriage Making, Maintenance & Mending” Pt1.

Heaven in our home!

The Apostle Peter brings to us this Wednesday from the Lord, the building blocks, the missing pieces and the ties that bind for healing marriages.

Often, we try in our zeal to do what only God can do, and we sometimes get in the way of the Holy Spirit. Peter knew all about this in his own life.

God created marriage and He knows how to make it tick, He knows what a husband needs and what a wife desires. In 1 Peter 3 this Wednesday, Peter will give us part 1 of the precious bricks that will help restore and build a marriage.

I encourage you to join with us from 7:00pm for this teaching from Calvary Chapel Secret Harbour to your homes.

In addition, now with the increase to 10 for people being able to gather indoors, I pray that you consider inviting others to join with you in a mini gathering as we pray and study the word together.

This study creates a perfect platform for your teens especially, to know what God would desire for them to know and pray for, for their future years as a husband or a wife.

Maybe you know some folk who are struggling in their own marriage situation right this moment and Wednesday’s text could be exactly what they need to save their situation. This could open a door whereby you could pray for each other’s marriage relationship and see God work a miraculous restoration that would lead to souls being saved!

Hope to have you with us this Wednesday from 7:00pm